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TURKESTERONE 750 // Muscle Building Ecdysteroid

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Turkesterone contains
60 capsule each containing 750mg per capsule


Equally effective and safe for men and women, Turkesterone is a natural extract from the flowering plant from Central Asia known as Ajuga turkestanica. So Turkesterone is named after the plant, and the mountain range in which the plant grows wild, the Turkestan Range.

The herb Ajuga nipponensis, from the Ajuga turkestanica plant, has been used in the past to treat inflammation and coughs and to help boost immunity. Preliminary research, according to WebMD, is also pointing to the fact that it might protect the liver and even help fight cancer.

More interesting to those of us in the fitness world is the extract known as Turkesterone, which users are loving for its powerful anabolic (muscle-growing) effect. Of course, the fact that it encourages rapid muscle growth also means Turkesterone promotes more efficient fat burning.