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Turkesterone // Natural Muscle Builder 500mg

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ou train hard, eat well, and take your rest days. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or a novice, you may be wondering how you can reach your goals faster. After 'beginner gains' are over, it can be more and more challenging to achieve the physique goals you dream of.
You've heard of Turkesterone's potential to help your muscle gain or fat loss journey. This definitive guide will help you decide whether it's right for you!

As it becomes more popular, finding a trustworthy source of Turkesterone is the key to seeing safe, long-term results. Athletic Sport is committed to helping you achieve peak athletic excellence - in each container, you will find a 30 day supply of the purest Turkesterone available in Australia today.

What is Turkesterone?
Turkesterone is anecdysteroid, a type of steroid hormone found naturally in insects and some plants and water animals.
As its chemical structure is similar to androgens, a Turkesterone supplement is said to share some effects of testosterone, supporting muscle growth, recovery and athletic performance. Turkesterone is suitable both when wanting to gain muscle and lose weight.

Benefits of a Turkesterone

  • Have the most 'anabolic' ecdysteroid that can help you reach your goals naturally
  • Support lean muscle gain via protein synthesis
  • Help preserve muscle whilst dieting
  • Aid power and strength - get ready for new PBs
  • Enjoy superior recovery support to help you reach your body composition goals faster
  • Aid endurance, so you can train at your peak for longer
  • Support general health and wellbeing as an adaptogen
  • No need for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)
  • No stress about testosterone suppression
  • When combined with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin, Turkesterone becomes more bioavailable, providing superior results for your body

Side Effects
Science often lacks anecdotal reports, so in this case, there are no official studies that can show long term or short term side effects on humans. However, user experiences suggest little to no side effects, so you can feel confident that this naturally-derived compound is safe and legal in Australia.

Anabolic steroids can cause a variety of unwanted side effects. Turkesterone doesn't bind to androgen receptors, so it is considered a much safer option. Again, you won't need PCT after using this supplement!
How much Turkesterone should you take?
Each capsule of Turkesterone by Athletic Sports contains 500mg ofAjuga Turkestanicaextract. You will take one cap twice per day. You can stack Turkesterone with your other Athletic Sports supplements.

How long does it take for Turkesterone to 'kick in'?
Though it will vary individually, by taking it as directed, you should see results within the first month. Since it does not suppress testosterone, you don't have to worry about cycling it or going through PCT.

  1. Ensure you are following a quality training and nutrition program- no supplement can replace poor habits!
  2. When starting a new supplement regime, consult with your medical practitioner.


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