Total War RTD by REDCON1

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Get the energy and strength you need to hit the gym hard with Total War RTD by Redcon1. This ready to drink pre-workout will give you focus, pump and performance to smash your workout session. The combination of ingredients will get you pumped to hit the gym harder and longer for better gains.

Total War RTD by Redcon1 has the same combination as the Total War powder featuring all the ingredients needed for stimulation and pump. You will get the stamina and strength that a pre-workout gives you.

Improve your performance with the combination of citrulline malate, beta-alanine and caffeine. These 3 ingredients will give you the energy, strength, power and intensity for a better workout. You’ll improve your gains by getting that extra repetition needed.

These convenient ready to drink pre-work will save you time when you are running late to get to the gym. Open it, drink it and hit the gym floor. No pre-workout powder spillage disaster in your car or gym bag.

Get the focus, strength and performance with Total War RTD. If you loved Total War powder you will love the ready to drink version. It's packed with all the featured ingredients in a convenient bottle.

Each Total War RTD by Redcon1 bottle has 355ml of:

6g of citrulline malate for better strength, power and intensity

2g of beta-alanine to enhance workout endurance

400mg of caffeine for focus and energy

1g of agmatine sulfate to improve muscle pump and stamina