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Tongkat Ali – Boosts Free T 

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your T, increase your sexual performance and feel like your horny 20 year-old self again, then I highly recommend you read through this whole page about Tongkat Ali root extract.

Rather than go the synthetic route with TRT…
Tongkat Ali could just be the herb that changes your sex life around FAST
… without any nasty side effects.*

Tongkat Ali is an ancient herb, known for its sexual performance and testosterone supporting effects.

Today, study after study and science is PROVING its incredible male hormonal boosting benefits.*

On this page you’re going to discover the science behind this erotic herb and how it can turn your sexual desire around fast.*

What Happens When Your Hormones
And T Levels Are Under Attack

If you’re a man over 35, then your T has been under attack for years, possibly decades.

… which means your sex life, motivation, and overall happiness is suffering.

  • This could be causing you insecurities with your spouse, or girlfriend.
  • You may be lacking the drive you once had to succeed in the office space.
  • Your mind might feel cloudy, and having difficulty focusing.
  • Energy levels could be plummeting… leaving you tired and unable to get through each day without caffeine or stimulants.
  • You may be feeling depressed, like there’s a cloud following you around and as though your problems are too big for you to tackle.
  • And much much more.

Of course if you’re suffering from any of these symptoms you’re going to look for an answer to reverse this.

Luckily for you, there’s an herb that scientists have CONFIRMED to boost T levels fast, predictably and without unpleasant side effects that most drugs come with.

This Ancient Herb Boosts Free T Up To 440% And Works in at Least 62% Of Men


This herb is Tongkat Ali.

In clinical studies on mice, scientists discovered that supplementing with tongkat ali increased their T by up to 440%!*1

Not only did these mice get a nice lift in T from the Tongkat Ali root extract… it also helped give “a dose-dependent increase in sexual performance of the treated animals.”*1

In a study done on HUMANS… “62% of subjects showed an increase of the free testosterone index indicating it’s biostimulatory effect on steroidogenesis.”*2

Steroidogenesis is an important term here. It is this synthesis of steroids… which are the building blocks to proper male hormonal health.

When your body can synthesize and CREATE its own steroidal hormones they will be balanced again. The problem men over 35 begin to experience in terms of their hormones, is their body has a hard time producing and synthesizing steroids in order to create sufficient T… and that leads to all sorts of health problems.

Customer Review
“This stuff is ridiculous. It says you need to take it a while before you get results but I took it and within an hour I had a big libido boost and, uh, everything was more powerful. Everything. I ordered some capsules that were much cheaper but those don’t seem to have as much effect so I guess the expensive and unpleasant tasting powder is the way to go.” – Jon M.

Contains One Molecule Which Turns Your Package Into a Pocket Rocket

Seems to have helped my husband, he noticed a difference in about 5 days. More muscle tone, higher sex drive and overall more energy. The taste is awful though! If you can get past it its well worth it but its a super bitter taste!! – droac6584

“Tongkat Ali”. The name has a very interesting translation.

In Malaysian, Tongkat translates into “Stick of a man”…  and Ali refers to aphrodisia. 

Combined, Tongkat Ali translated into man’s stick of aphrodisia. (This reminds me of that scene from Austin Powers 3 where Mini Me is described as a tripod.)

So what is it that makes Tongkat Ali root extract a powerful remedy?

Beyond its male hormonal boosting effects, one molecule in particular in Tongkat Ali was examined: 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one.*3

What scientists discovered is this molecule is responsible for Tongkat Ali’s incredible penile stiffening effects. One study done on rats concluded that it “induces penile erection and delays ejaculation.”*3

This one molecule alone won’t just get you UP, but it will also help you last longer in bed.*3

Scientists believe this happens because it enhances the product of nitric oxide, which is a critical component for healthy blood flow to genitalia.

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring your package back to life… then this herb will do wonders for you. 

Supports Bone Health and Fights Androgen Deficiency*

 One of the challenges that come with hypogonadism (low T) is that it often affects your bone density. It lowers it…which can lead to fractures and broken bones. This is called osteoporosis and is very common with aging men.

The scary part about this is these symptoms typically go unnoticed. Osteoporosis is known as the “silent thief” because it can take up to YEARS before noticing its detrimental effect on you. Often men find out about it only once they’ve fracture or broken a bone!

Since scientists have proven that Tongkat Ali root extract has consistently helped men with their hormones, and a number of studies were done to see if this herb could help with other issues related to hypogonadism…like helping the body retain bone density.

Here’s what studies are showing when it comes to Tongkat Ali root extract, male hormones and bone density:

“…one medicinal plant, Eurycoma longifolia Jack (EL) [Tongkat Ali], can be used as an alternative treatment to prevent and treat male osteoporosis without causing the side effects associated with TRT”

How does that work? Scientists think Tongkat Ali herb helps with bone health by:

  • Increasing steroidogenesis… which boosts sex hormones, especially free T.*4
  • Stimulating DHEA (a critical hormone that’s necessary for balanced male hormones)*4
  • Having high levels of nitric oxide which “acts as a mediator, together with prostaglandin, to promote bone formation and suppress bone resorption”.*4
  • Fighting oxidative stress and free radicals that are causing osteoporosis. Tongkat Ali is FILLED with antioxidants that scavenge and destroy free radicals.*4

Together, these different hormonal and non-hormonal effects allow you to have stronger bones, well into old age.

“In the study, it was shown that orchidectomized male rats supplemented with EL did not experience bone calcium loss [32]. *3

“…it has been shown that EL supplementation has increased the level of serum testosterone in most subjects in a human study [86].*3

Tongkat Ali Enhances Sexual Motivation

If you’re experiencing low T and its associated symptoms (low sex drive, can’t keep your “best friend” up, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and energy)… 

… then you know just how harmful this problem can be. It affects EVERY area of your life and can make you feel like your problems are just TOO MUCH.

Your sex drive is your DRIVING force behind everything you do. When that diminishes (because of low T) men often get depressed.

Luckily, when you reverse this, you rediscover the sense of passion, motivation, adventure and zest for life you had in your 20’s and 30’s.

Multiple studies have shown that Tongkat Ali helps middle aged, sexually sluggish, old, retired mice ENHANCE their sexual motivation by up to 100%.*5-8]

Yes, these are mice studies, which don’t necessarily translate to humans. But where human studies are available, they show much the same thing.9 The fact is, this amazing root is only beginning to be researched. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait until all the research has been done, to see for yourself the difference it can make, just like others have. 

Again, here it appears the hormonal and non-hormonal effects of this root are at play.* Upgrading your T will give you the motivation you need to procreate again… which will give you your mojo back!

100:1 Water Soluble Extract

Many Tongkat Ali products on the market are just ground up root. Besides being mostly ineffective many of these are contaminated with fungus and other toxins.

BEWARE: Other so-called “Tongkat Ali” products aren’t even the herb at all. I wouldn’t trust any Tongkat ali from your regular big box supplement store! Some products were tested to find instead PDE5 analogues, the active drug used in most popular ED drugs.10

Thus, we had to go through a number of distributors to find something that met our quality controls. When so many companies are just trying to make a buck we want SOMETHING THAT WORKS. Judging from the feedback so far, this is it.

Here we have a high quality and potent 100:1 water-soluble extract of the Eurycoma longifolia roots.

Testing showed a concentration of:

  • 34.91% Saponins
  • 54.31% Peptides

Our Tongkat is sourced from Malaysian wild trees that are generally 20-30 years old.

Our Tongkat Ali has been tested and found to contain no PDE-5 Inhibitors or Analogues. These are the active ingredients in popular ED drugs. This is a commonly used added ingredient to cut with inferior quality sex herbs. . We are proud to have Tongkat that is of such a high-quality that it needs no special (and highly illegal) help to make it appear better then it is. For more info, look at the test results in the lab results tab at the top of the page.



Tongkat Ali Recommended Dosage

Because of its strong hormonal effects, it is best to cycle the use of this herb. The recommended Tongkat Ali dosage is to take it for five days, then take two days off and repeat this cycle. Other people like to take it for several weeks straight, then take some time off.

Experiment for yourself and find what dose works best for your body. Though many people feel the effects of Longjack right away, its optimal effectiveness will occur after about one to three week of use.


The recommended dose is 100 mg twice a day. We provide you with a 100 mg spoon along with each package. Once again, feel free to experiment with what works best for you. Some people have gone up to using a full gram each day!


The recommended dose is 1 capsule of 100 mg twice a day. Once again, feel free to experiment with what works best for you.

Other Ingredients associated with the capsules include Organic Brown Rice Powder

Incredibly Bitter

Bitter is better, but Tongkat Ali pushes the limits of this. Not only is it very bitter but the taste will linger in your mouth. It is NOT recommended to add Tongkat to drinks or food as it will likely make them unpalatable.

Here’re two options. First, MAN UP! If you take it regularly you’ll get used to the taste and it won’t bother you so much anymore. Or place some water or other liquid in your mouth, hold it there while you scoop your Longjack in, and swallow it all down without tasting much.

Some people have reported making Tongkat Ali coffee. The bitterness may go well with the bitterness of coffee, but unless there is a tiny dose it probably won’t be the best thing to drink.

Tongkat Ali Works for Women Too

Tongkat Ali extract works for women too, though the recommended dose should be cut in half. 

Just 50 mg twice per day to deliver similar effects.

Note that some women find the action a little too “hot” for them. 

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Some people have reported that this feels a bit too powerful for them. Feeling like you’re 18 again is beneficial but it’s not without its drawbacks.

Possible side effects of Tongkat Ali include restlessness, increased body temperature, headaches and aggressiveness.