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Genius Pre // Non-Stim Pump & Focus

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Why is Genius Pre So Much Different?

Short Answer: It’s actually beneficial for your workout performance. Genius Pre is the world’s first clinically dosed nootropic based pre-workout. Devoid of caffeine altogether, Genius Pre’s formula relies on clinically backed doses of key performance enhancers along with various brain nutrients to create a true min to muscle connection. And you can easily stack Genius Pre with other GENIUS Supplements for faster results. It also doesn’t contain a bunch of fake sweeteners, fillers and chemicals like Titanium dioxide and red #40 that are completely worthless & harmful to your health. Genius is naturally sweetened with stevia and contains no added junk. More Pump. More Endurance. More Focus. No Caffeine. No Crap.


» 100% Caffeine-Free... True Performance

Why are most pre-workouts masked with proprietary blends? They are mostly caffeine/cheap stimulants with underdosed performance enhancers. Genius Pre avoids caffeine all together and packs in clinical doses of all key ingredients in all-natural vegetable capsules. And, as it turns out, caffeine and most stimulants are actually vasoconstrictors and REDUCE blood flow. That’s counterproductive for workout performance.


» Nitric Oxide Boosting Powerhouse

One key factor in any great pre-workout is, what kind of pumps does it give you. The combination of L-Citrulline, elevATP and L-Arginine make for rapid N.O. elevation and massive pumps.


» Clinically Recommended Dose of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine

CarnoSyn now has been featured in over 55 scientific studies showing it to be a lead catalyst for improving muscle endurance & strength! *Be Aware! Beta-Alanine is where the tingles come from. Familiarize yourself with paresthesia and follow the instructions to avoid the tingles.


» Clinically Recommended Dose of elevATP®

elevATP® has shown to increase lean muscle, power output and training volume.


» Mind To Muscle Connection With AlphaSize

AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) has shown to improve multiple key brain functions including memory,

concentration and focus. New studies have also revealed it’s impact in creating a true Mind to Muscle Connection.


» Ensure proper absorption with AstraGin

AstraGin is an exclusive absorption enhancing ingredient proven to support amino acid, vitamin & mineral absorption.


» 17 Grams Per Serving (Two Scoops = 1 Serving)

“Conentrated” pre-workouts have become a thing of the past. It’s proven, the cheap stimulants are counterproductive and

under dose the key ACTUAL performance enhancers that drive endurance, stamina & nitric oxide production.


» No Proprietary Blend

Most companies that under dose their products hide behind a proprietary blend on the label. Conveniently omitting the true doses and wrapping everything into a “performance blend” or “crazy energy complex”. Genius doesn’t hide and stands behind each ingredient in the formula.


» 2-In-1 Nootropic Pre-Workout

While Genius Pre is caffeine-free, our formula still doubles as an advanced nootropic with multiple brain enhancers. These nootropic ingredients create an intense mental edge that effectively create a “mind to muscle” connection, for perfect workouts.