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CreaMAX // Creapure + Actigin


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CreaMAX provides a clinical dose of the purest Creatine Monohydrate available (Creapure®) paired with the Ginseng based product ActiGin®.

Unflavoured includes 90 Servings. Strawberry includes 83 Servings.

Each serving contains: 

  • 5g patented Creapure®;
  • 100mg patented ActiGin®.



Associated Effects on the Human Body Based on Research Findings

According to research findings, ActiGin® consumers may experience a considerable increase in energy production by producing 47% more of the pace-making enzyme Citrate synthase. Citrate synthase initiates the Krebs Cycle, which is a chemical reaction in the body used to produce ATP, the energy currency of human cells.

ActiGin® speeds up muscle recovery by reducing inflammation in muscles. We examined a number of inflammation biomarkers to get the larger picture of how ActiGin® is benefiting the human body in recovery. Research findings show measurements like a 24% reduction in TBARS, a 44% reduction in MDA, a 35% reduction in IL-6, and a 69% decrease in creatine kinase.

Furthermore, ActiGin® nourishes the body with key nutrients to help the body’s glutathione levels significantly increase after exercise. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant that’s essential for alleviating oxidative stress. In other words, we’ve examined multiple bio-markers within the sphere of exercise-induced inflammation to demonstrate the power of ActiGin®. This isn’t a one-trick pony.

According to NuLivScience research studies, senescent cell clearance and satellite cell depletion occur due to 80% increase in myogenesis. ActiGin® eliminates senescent muscle cells through macrophage phagocytosis. Specifically, the study demonstrates a decrease of SA-β-gal and collagenase, reverse apoptotic DNA fragmentation, and leukocyte infiltration.

On the flip side, we see an increase of iNOS and IL-6 mRNA expression in quadriceps (Vastus lateralis) after a 60-minute cycling exercise at 70% V02 max.


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