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Transcended Reishi // Mushroom of Calm

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Transcended Reishi is a potent Prana Charged 20:1 concentrated medicinal mushroom extract powder. Using only superior grade Duanwood Reishi that is Di Tao sourced, organically grown & semi wild harvested from the mystical Wuyi Mountains, a sacred land closely intertwined with the magic of the legendary Taoist saint Peng Zu, who supposedly lived over 120 years consuming Reishi infused elixirs.

Expertly dual extracted and crafted by the current generation of a 300 year old Reishi cultivating family dynasty and in alignment with the wisdom of traditional Chinese herbalism. The extract is then freeze dried to capture and secure the valuable polysaccharides, beta glucans & triterpenes that Reishi’s immune boosting and numerous adaptogenic properties are revered for.

The only Reishi extract in the world to be Prana Charged with a state of the art quantum orgone energy generator. Charged to 432Hz and contained in premium miron glass for maximal energetic potency and protection.

SUPREME QUALITY REISHI EXTRACT with over 800 bioactive adaptogenic & nootropic constituents, Transcended Reishi nourishes all ‘three treasures’; ‘Qi, Jing & Shen’ energies within us according to the ancient sages of traditional Taoist medical traditions.  

INCREASED MENTAL PERFORMANCE & COGNITIVE UPGRADES with the most revered herb in traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi helps improve mental alertness, memory & creativity whilst relieving stress and anxiety. A great bi-directional adaptogen & nootropic that can be used before vigorous mental activity or taken before bed to improve relaxation and sleep quality. 

RELAX INTO NEW LEVELS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH with this supreme Shen tonic that can be used to develop greater depths of self awareness and experience elevated levels of consciousness. Used for 1000s of years by Taoist masters in their spiritual practices to help quiet the mind, relax the body and bring tranquility to a restless spirit. 

INTELLIGENT IMMUNE SYSTEM OPTIMISATION with powerful species exclusive polysaccharides, beta glucans & triterpenes such as ganoderic acid, which helps fine tune the immune system, deeply fortifying and boosting an under active immune response or down regulating an over active one, this oil brings balance and peace to the body dependant on its needs.

FREE FROM mycelium, starches, dextrins, extraction solvents, GMOs, dairy & gluten.