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Bamboo Herbal Elixir Glass

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What better way to enjoy your Primal Alchemy potions than with our 200ml handmade Bamboo Herbal Elixir Glass. 

 MADE FROM AUTHENTIC BOROSILICATE GLASS which is proven to be the purest and safest material in contact with hot water and when combined with our herbal extract powders.

INSULATED DOUBLE WALL GLASS mug design keeps beverages hotter and colder than the normal single wall mug. Our elixir glass is cool to the touch, light-weight to grasp, and creates a dramatic optical illusion.

ECO FRIENDLY & CARBONISED BAMBOO BODY free of parasites which are usually found on other untreated bamboo household utensils. 

BPA, LEAD & TOXIN FREE so that you can enjoy your herbal elixirs with complete reassurance of safety and with zero degradation of herbal potency.