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Pre-Workouts are the cornerstone of epic training sessions for many around the globe. It's not just the caffeine that wakes you up and prepares your mind and nervous sytem for what is to come, nor is it just about the tantalising flavours that splash over the palate making your whole world come alive. It's actually about the active ingredients and their synergistic combination.


Poison Pre Workout tub

Poison Pre-Workout delivers two specific nutrients that are able to draw fluid into muscle cells, along with oxygen, glucose, amino acids and more. These are glycerol and creatine. Though these nutrients both offer additional advantages to training and recovery beyond this "muscle-filling" effect, this singular role is a draw-card as it can enhance the muscle pump and immediate aesthetic effect of resistance training and bodybuilding. Moreover, this hyper-hydration may assist in preventing dehydration by increasing intracellular fluid levels.


Interested in explosive strength and power with lean muscle gain? Decades after its introduction to the sports nutrition market in Australia, Creatine is still a leader in offering the aforementioned benefits. Naturally found in meat and fish, creatine is synthesized in the human body and derived from an omnivorous diet. Topping up your intake and natural synthesis through supplementation is a well-demonstrated way to support lean muscle gain, promote recovery and support strength and power.


Poison Pre-Workout contains nootropics to support focus and concentration, lactate buffering beta-alanine, adaptogenic herb Rhodiola and plenty more to help you get the job done in style. Why do they call it Poison? Probably because it will be a poison to apathy, weakness and an inferiority complex! When you're striding towards your next session, prepare yourself physically and mentally with this pre-workout from Poison.


How to Use Poison Pre-Workout

Mix 1/2 Scoop (7.5g) into 250ml cold water and consume before exercise. For seasoned pre-workout users, try one level scoop (15g) mixed into 400-500ml cold water. If you are unsure of your caffeine tolerance, begin with a 1/8th scoop and consume before midday.


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