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PINE POLLEN TINCTURE // Testosterone Booster

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Boosts Your Mojo and Raises Free-T Fast

This Potent Tincture Bypasses Your Stomach’s Destructive Acid And Directly Deposits Phyto-Androgens (Plant Steroids) Into Your System Which Cranks Your Male Hormones Back Into Gear… and Gets “Things” Working Again

If you’re a man over 30, suffering from low T then pine pollen will be like a miracle for your hormones, health, and your sex life. Let me explain.

Pine pollen IS trees’ semen.

… and just like human semen, the most important vitamins and minerals are given to it… so the tree’s offspring have the greatest chances of reproduction and survival.

Pine pollen supplement is filled with 18 amino acids, and over 200 bioactive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in EVERY single serving… making it one of the most powerful and safe superfoods you can consume.

What makes this herb even more unique is that it’s filled with phyto-androgens.

These are plant steroids … which is why this herb is getting so much attention.

It’s an all-natural, drug-free way to boost free T, balance out hypogonadism and get into optimal male health.

Pine Pollen: Powder VS The Tincture

There are a couple of ways that you can consume Pine Pollen: As a powder, and a tincture. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both:

 - Pine Pollen Powder

Pros: Contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and some phyto-androgens. Making this an incredible multi-vitamin and superfood. It fights free radicals (those self-destructing molecules that increase and speed up aging). And boosts your body with the nutrients it needs to repair cells and thrive.

Cons: Many of the male hormones in the powder are destroyed in your stomach before being absorbed into your bloodstream. So you don’t absorb the full spectrum of phyto-androgens. You don’t get the full boost of T…though it still seems to work here.

 - Pine Pollen Tincture

Pros: Because of the alcohol extraction, phyto-hormones from Pine Pollen bypass your digestive tract and are quickly and significantly more of them are absorbed into your bloodstream. Which means the tincture gives you the greatest levels of absorption of androgens and male hormones from Pine Pollen.

Cons: Because of the alcohol extraction, many of the anti-aging minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are lost in this process.

What we recommend for optimal results is that you combine both the powder AND the tincture for optimal male hormonal health.

Because this is more powerful hormonally pine pollen tinctures are generally only recommended for men over 30 years of age.* (Though younger guys and women have had great results with it too.)

Combine this unfair advantage with the powder’s anti-aging effects and within hours some people feel like their 20-year-old self again…

  • Their morning wood comes back
  • Their sense of adventure and mojo resurrects
  • Their energy is restored
  • Their mental concentration and clarity increases
  • Their wives are thrilled to have their man back

How To Consume Pine Pollen Tincture

The recommended pine pollen tincture dosage is one dropperful twice daily cycled 5 days on 2 days off.

For optimal absorption we recommend you drip the tincture under your tongue and hold it there for up to 30 seconds. This is because from here the alcohol tincture gets directly absorbed into your bloodstream and doesn’t get destroyed in your digestive tract.

It is advised to cycle pine pollen tincture. Some people like to take it four or five days a week while taking a break the rest. Others will consume a whole bottle, taking it daily, and then give it a week or two off. Or some just take a randomized approach, taking it every once in awhile. Any of these options and many others are fine. It’s just not something you want to be on forever.

This is only made with the highest quality ingredients including pine pollen, water and alcohol. It is these three ingredients and nothing else.

The Novel Phyto-Androgens (Plant Steroids) Found in Pine Pollen…

There are also phyto-androgens, similar hormones but different ones then we humans have. These still have action upon the human body and endocrine system.*

Gibberellins – Structurally very similar to mammalian male hormones. These are plant steroids that jumpstart the first stages of germination. Spray them on growing buds and they will grow exponentially. They are found most in the buds and pollens of plants. They have been found to actually connect with androgens receptors in the human body. This means they can mimic male hormones in the body and stimulate androgen production.* They also appear to have a regulating action on the prostate.*

Brassinosteroids – Another essential element to plants, brassinosteroids are being used by plant growers as a highly efficient, broad-­spectrum, safe plant growth regulator. Pine pollen contains many of the over 30 different kinds already identified. Two of the brassinosteroids in pine pollen are the mechanism through which the liver safely removes xenobiotic substances, such as xenoestrogens, from the body system.

For more of the anabolic effects, you’ll want to get this Pine Pollen Tincture. This is best for bodybuilding with pine pollen.