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PEAK MAX // Physique Optimiser

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Strom Sports PeakMax is a peak week product intended to be the finishing touch to your physique before a photoshoot, special occasion, bodybuilding contest, or to cap off a lengthy transformation program. The supplement brings together ingredients to support blood flow and pumps, and a few others to reduce water for a pumped and lean-looking physique.

The main ingredients and dosages powering the PeakMax experience are vitamins C, B6, and B12, 200mg of grape seed, and half a gram each of dandelion root, Vaso6, uva ursi, and premium Nitrosigine.

Similar to dedicated water loss products, PeakMax is only designed to be taken for a maximum of a week, and during that time, Strom Sports directs users to build up their intake. The idea is you start at one serving and max out at four a day, and with 20 servings a bottle, it should get you through an entire week with at most three of those days on four servings.