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WHSH // Peak O2 + Vaso6

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**Increased Nitric Oxide & Blood Flow


**Improved Performance & Oxygen Uptake


**Improved Time To Exhaustion & Power Output


**More Efficient Muscle Recovery 



First to be introduced into our WHSH Series (Work Hard, Stay Humble Series) is a proven dynamic duo of Peak O2 & Vaso6. 


VASO6™ is derived from green tea but VASO6™ is a patented proprietary green tea oligomer containing levels of specific vasodilating catechins that have been clinically studied and proven to have shown that consuming a 300mg dose of VASO6™ produces 50% vasodilation, while 7g of Arginine, a well know vasodilating ingredient, only results in 5% vasodilation. The benefits of increased of nitric oxide & blood flow includes enhanced nutrient delivery to muscles, more efficient blood flow for superior pumps, optimal ATP and energy production, quicker muscle recovery, plus more!


PeakO2® is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the U.S. PeakO2® allows users to utilize adaptogens to “adapt” to and overcome mental and physical stress, while also increasing power and endurance.  PeakO2® stands apart from other adaptogens due to its ability to help improve oxygen uptake and work capacity while decreasing lactate, which in turn helps  athletes train longer and harder


This unique combination is the perfect stackable product to add into your supplement stack. The benefits from this duo extend outside of the gym as well, and with PeakO2® being a saturation ingredient which means you see the full benefits from it once you reach saturation in this case 28grams, we recommend taking this even on off days from the gym!