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WHSH Burn // Non-Stim Fat Burner

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 **Stimulates Fat Loss & Fat Mobilization


**Supports Weight Management


**May Amplify Training Effects


**Increased Energy Expenditure


**Enhanced Thermogenesis & Body Composition


**We recommend starting with half a dose to assess tolerance OR splitting up the dosages 




WHSH Weight Management & Fat Loss Support (Fat Burner). 


MitoBurn: Also known as L-BAIBA, which has many benefits which include fat conversion, fat oxidation, Lean body mass retention, carbohydrate tolerance & insulin sensitivity. Most known for instigating the “browning” of white adipose tissue which increases energy expenditure. 


CaloriBurn: Is a natural extract of Grains of Paradise. It has benefits such as increasing metabolic rate, activating the metabolically active brown adipose tissue (BAT), increase in energy expenditure, and optimizes body composition. 


ProGBB: Which some consider a “Super” L-Carnitine but it enhances your body’s natural process of producing Carnitine, which in turn can increase workout capacity, decrease fat accumulations, and boosted energy levels.


Capsimax: Also known as Capsaicinoids, has straightforward benefits which include increased thermogenesis and supports lipolysis which is using fat for energy production.


This unique combination is the perfect Non-Stim Fat Burner to add to your supplement stack. The benefits from product extend outside the gym as well as inside the gym and will help you reach your goals!


 Work Hard, Stay Humble…Time to sweat.