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REWIND // Hangover Prevention + Electrolytes

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** Electrolyte Replenishment 


**May help metabolize alcohol 


**May aid in detoxification of liver


**May regulate blood sugar 


**May reduce migraines


**May support liver health


Rewind, is a unique product we’ve brought to market to a category not many have touched. We wanted to bring a product that will allow you to enjoy your lifestyle but keep you on track and not regretting having some good times the next day.  


We looked to utilize proven ingredients that in combination with electrolytes may help prevent the unwanted hangover that comes with a night of drinking.  Powerful antioxidants, enhancing the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol and the process of detoxification of alcohol in the body,  aiding in regulation of blood sugar with reduced migraines. We hope Rewind gives you the ability to enjoy yourself without the next day regrets.


We value our customers who become apart of the family. At OuttenFit, you'll ALWAYS get what you pay for. Be sure to pickup Rewind, join the OuttenFit family, and let us help you have a good time with no regrets!