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NETTLE ROOT TINCTURE // Free Test and Prostate Care

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Nettle Root Tincture – A Potent Tonic for Prostate and Hormone Health

“The Yin that Nourishes the Yang”

We’re proud to offer this new nettle root tincture, wildcrafted from the coast of Oregon and Washington, as you can see below. This high quality tincture is made in the USA and spagyrically prepared for maximized holistic potency.

Nettle (Urtica dioica) has long had a reputation for being a great herb for all kinds of issues. While the leaves and seeds are also used, it is the root that is most well known for promoting male health.

Nettle Root Tincture for Prostate Health

Nettle root is first and foremost known for its amazing ability to promote Healthy Prostate Function.

Considering that men over 50 years of age have a 50% chance of having BPH, and men over 80 have a 90% chance, nettle root is a much needed ally in our modern day life.

Very often nettle root can help restore proper functioning, while having far less side effects than the drugs typically handed out for this condition.

Nettle Root Tincture for Hormone Health

All of the attention gets put on androgens. While these are important hormones, it is crucial to recognize that they are just one of many hormones, and there are many things that can happen to it.

3-Way Support of Hormone Health
  1. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts male hormones into estrogen. While a limited supply of estrogen is necessary for men, most men these days have far too much. Sadly, some men have more estrogen then their wives! A number of compounds inside of nettle root have been shown to inhibit aromatization.*[11] Several other compounds like secoisolariciresinol, oleanolic acid and ursolic acid have also been investigated for this ability.[12]
  2. Then there is SHBG. Nettle root lignans, such as (-)-3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran, have been shown to interfere with the binding of SHBG to androgens, androgen receptors and the SHBG receptor.*[13,14]
  3. Plus, nettle roots have been shown to have weak 5-alpha reductase inhibitor activity.[15] This enzyme converts androgens into DHT and levels of DHT that are too high are implicated in BPH as well as prostate cancer.

As Jeff, the creator of this tincture, puts it, “nettle root is the Yin that nourishes Yang.” If you understand this in light of the hormones, it shows why nettle root can be an important balancing factor when used with more yang herbs like pine pollen tinctureand tongkat ali.

Nettle Root for Women’s Hormone Health

While it has a strong reputation as a male herb, that doesn’t mean that women can’t benefit from it as well. Because of its actions on things like aromatization and SHBG, nettle root can also support female hormone health too.

Though this is only beginning to be scientifically studied, many herbalists are using nettle root to help women with hyperandrogenism and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).[16]

How to take Nettle Root Tincture

The recommended dose is 30 drops (a dropperful) twice per day. The best way to do this is to squirt the dropper into your mouth and hold it under your tongue for about 30 seconds.

The tincture can also be added to water, tea, or other drinks. However, as mentioned above, sublingually, meaning under the tongue, is the preferred method.

Because of the ease of use, our nettle root tincture may be preferred by many over the nettle root powder. But because of the different growing and extraction methods each may have slightly different benefits. Many people will find even better results by combining the two, and also with other male reproductive supporting herbs like pine pollen and tongkat ali.


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