L-Glutamine Biokyowa

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BioKyowa Pharmaceutical Grade

When you buy MyoPures 'BioKyowa' L-glutamine you are getting the highest quality, all natural l-glutamine available!

Glutamine Benefits:

  • Glutamine may help perserve muscle mass during dieting.
  • Glutamine appears to speed up wound and burn healing and recovery.
  • Glutamine may boost growth hormones levels.
  • Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for intestinal health.
  • Glutamine may promote anabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Glutamine may enhance immunity
  • Glutamine appears to combat catabolism (muscle wasting) found in conditions such as cancer and HIV.

Natural Glutamine:

Myopure l-Glutamine is naturally produced through the fermentation of sugar. No solvents or synthetic additives are used. This production method was pioneered by Kyowa Japan which has been producing amino acids this way since 1956. Glutamine produced by the fermention method sometimes has a slight residual odour compared to glutamine produced by chemical synthesis and enzymic methods. MyoPure's L-Glutamine is made by BioKyowa USA using the same manufacturing method, process controls and finished product testing as used by Kyowa Hako of Japan.


  • meets the requirements of United States Pharmacopeia 25th Edition.
  • meets the requirements U.S. Food Chemical Codex 4th Edition.
  • meets the requirements Health Ingredients 1992.
  • No 'animal derived materials' used in production.