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Morphobolic // Recomposition Catalyst

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May assist with body recomposition

May assist with strength and power output

May assist with muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and muscle mass accrual

May assist with increased IGF-1 and insulin sensitivity

May assist with the anabolic effects of exercise

May assist with fat loss

May assist with decreasing muscle wasting

May assist with excess cortisol (stress hormone)

Safe for men and women

Year round hormone support; doesn't need cycled 


Ajuga Turkestanica Extract contains phytoecdysteroids, bio-active compounds that resemble androgens in structure.

Research shows strong anabolic activity via several metabolic pathways.

Increases skeletal muscle hypertrophy, recovery and repair from exercise.

Efficacious dosing is most commonly seen with 400mg active phytoecdysteroids per day. 

MORPHOBOLIC contains an industry leading 2,000mg Ajuga Turkestanica (800mg active phytoecdysteroids) per serving.


Ursolic Acid (Rosemary extract) is a promising body recomposition agent; able to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

Increases IGF-1 and power output.

Increases the adipokine irisin which converts white adipose cells into more metabolically active brown adipose cells, resulting in great fatty acid oxidation. Irisin also stops the development of fatty tissue. 

MORPHOBOLIC contains a research supported 450mg Ursolic Acid (active) per serving.


5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin is a plant sterol from Smilax Sieboldiiis (a member of the brassinosteroid family).

Shown to possess anabolic activity without the side effects of liver toxicity or hormone suppression. 

Regulates protein turnover and promotes a positive nitrogen balance.

Microencapsulated for increased bioavailability. 

MORPHOBOLIC contains 100mg of the patented and trademarked Laxosterone® per serving.