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HEXAGEN // Glycogen & Performance Matrix

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May Assist With: 


Rapid glycogen replenishment and increasing blood glucose

Blood flow and nutrient delivery

Increased ATP production

Decreasing acid and ammonia build-up and preventing fatigue

Hydration and muscle cell volume

Electrolyte rich; can be added to or replace sports drinks

Non-stimulant formula safe for most athletes

Can be taken before, during, and after games or workouts 

Can be stacked with any pre-workout or recovery/amino product

Year-round exercise performance; doesn't need cycled

Cluster Dextrin®

Cluster Dextrin® is a low glycemic, highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), which has a high molecular weight and ultra-low osmolality.

Highly soluble and promotes fast gastric emptying, virtually eliminating any gastric distress often associated with traditional carbohydrate powders or sports drinks.

Maintains a slow release that delivers smooth, constant energy and replenishes muscle glycogen stores without spiking blood sugar levels.

Improves time to exhaustion by 70%.

Reduces stress response to exercise, increasing performance and enhancing recovery.

HEXAGEN contains 10,000mg Cluster Dextrin® per serving.


D-Ribose is a simple, five-carbon sugar found naturally in the body that plays a role in the production of energy intermediates, DNA, and RNA.

Increases ATP production more than traditional supplemental carbohydrates, leading to increased performance and decreased fatigue.

Beneficial effects seen in cardiac tissue if consumed before, during and after exercise.

Recommended dosing is 200mg/kgbodyweight, or approximately 10g for every 100lbs bodyweight.

HEXAGEN contains 10,000mg D-Ribose per serving which aligns with research suggestions and bodyweight dosing chart.


Dextrose (D-Glucose) is the simplest carbohydrate available, often called the “quick energy” fuel.

Requires no digestion and causes a rapid spike in insulin and blood glucose, assisting with nutrient uptake.

Small amounts of dextrose in combination with other carbohydrates during exercise can help keep prevent hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar levels.   

HEXAGEN contains 5,000mg pure Dextrose per serving.

Ornithine HCL

A non-protein amino acid that is involved in the reduction of ammonia build-up during prolonged exercise.

Decreases fatigue and increases exercise performance, lean mass and power output.

Increases plasma L-Citrulline levels which increases Nitric Oxide (NO) and vasodilation.

Oral supplementation of Ornithine HCL is in the range of 2-6g daily.

Doses at or above 10g can cause intestinal distress and diarrhea, so products containing 4-6g per serving do not allow higher doses of carbohydrate to be consumed simultaneously without potential GI issues.

HEXAGEN contains 2,000mg Ornithine HCL per serving which aligns with research suggestions and bodyweight dosing chart.


GlycerSize™ Glycerol is a highly concentrated (65%) yet stable form of powdered glycerol, a compound that is used in the food industry as a sweetener, preservative and to keep foods moist.  

Glycerol is a hyper-hydration agent and helps to prevent dehydration during exercise, improve exercise performance and increase muscular pumps during resistance training.

HEXAGEN contains 1,000mg GlycerSize™ Glycerol per serving.

Creatine Magnesium Chelate

Creatine Magnesium Chelate binds the proven performance enhancer creatine with the essential mineral and electrolyte magnesium, creating high levels of absorption and utilization of both nutrients.

Rapidly replenishes cellular energy (adenosine triphosphate; ATP) for increased strength, power and endurance.

Increases intracellular fluid for enhanced hydration and muscle protein synthesis.

HEXAGEN contains 1,000mg Creatine Magnesium Chelate (providing 920mg creatine and 80mg magnesium) per serving.

Sodium & Potassium Citrate 

Sodium and potassium are crucial electrolytes lost during exercise.

Both play vital roles in fluid balance, energy production, and muscle contraction.

Citrate salts increase solubility and show increased performance benefits compared to other forms of electrolyte salts.

HEXAGEN provides nearly 4 times as much sodium and potassium as leading sports drinks, containing 1,500mg combined sodium and potassium citrate (providing 375mg sodium and 240mg potassium) per serving.


elevATP® is a patented ingredient derived from a combination of proprietary Apple Extract and Ancient Peat (fossilized plants).

Elevates ATP (energy) production in the body by 40%.

Improves athletic performance and body composition, increases power output, training volume and lean muscle growth.

HEXAGEN contains 75mg elevATP® per serving which aligns with bodyweight dosing chart.


S7™ is a proprietary blend of plant extracts designed to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) levels and vasodilation.

More oxygen delivered to muscles for greater ATP production and power, as well as nutrient delivery and muscle recovery.

Rich in antioxidants 

Recommended daily dose is 50mg per day.

HEXAGEN contains 50mg S7™ per serving.


SenActiv® is a patented ingredient comprised of two highly purified and fractionated extracts from Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii.

Increases ATP production, exercise endurance, and recovery time.

Preserves the insulin receptor and glucose transporter on muscle membrane during intensive exercise, reducing inflammation and increasing glycogen replenishment.

Drastically reduces muscle aging by clearing out old cells and making room for new ones (autophagy). 

Recommended daily dose is 50mg per day.

HEXAGEN contains 50mg SenActiv® per serving.