Morph X5 // Pre-Workout

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Redefine every workout with MORPH® x5,

an unstoppable force that helps get the job done!


MORPH® x5 is a more powerful pre-workout formula that’s geared to harness  the intensity of a loaded and fully equipped pre-workout! It delivers a synergistic blend of the critical elements necessary to help optimize and accelerate your muscular performance. MORPH x5 is the next generation of cutting-edge pre-workout supplementation that can help maximize your active lifestyle and catapult your results to the next level.


Its true 1-scoop formula provides everything you need for the ultimate workout experience! Shatter your personal records and optimize your results with a pre-workout that is specialized to help stimulate intense pumps and power you through the most extreme workouts! Quite simply, there is no other pre-workout on the market today that hits like MORPH!


With 20 power-packed servings per container, each serving of MORPH contains the clinically studied and key truth-in-labeled ingredients necessary for a truly unrivaled muscle-transforming experience!


MORPH Your Workouts for Stronger Results!



Powerful Strength: MORPH x5 features Creatine MagnaPower, an advanced form of creatine that binds creatine to magnesium, making it less susceptible to breakdown in the stomach, thus helping to maximize creatine uptake into the body. This form of creatine helps make MORPH a more advanced pre-workout product that supports greater cellular energy, enhances muscle strength, and produces better power output during workouts.

Supercharged Energy and Mental Focus: The CORE Energy | Focus | Cognition Matrix in MORPH x5 features 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous along with 2g of Taurine to help intensify concentration, alertness and enhance mental focus for maximum energy output and peak performance. Morph your workouts and hit your peak performance in the gym, on the field, or on the court!

Incredible Formula: Our most intense, complete pre-workout ever is available in a true 1-scoop serving! MORPH x5 is a 5-in-1 complete formula for: ENERGY/FOCUS | MUSCLE PUMP | STRENGTH | MUSCULAR GROWTH | ENDURANCE. Shatter your personal record and redefine every workout with the power of MORPH x5! Loaded with 6g CITRULLINE MALATE | 1g NITROSIGINE | 3.2g H+ BETA ALANINE | 2.5g CREATINE MAGNAPOWER | 1.5 g BETAINE

Intense Muscle Pumps: By spiking N.O. levels this particular blend helps to efficiently deliver increased levels of oxygen and nutrient-enriched blood to muscle tissue. This helps produce a more intense and longer-lasting muscle pump and maintains that pump through intra-and-post-workout performance.

Formula Transparency: True amounts of the key ingredients included in MORPH x5’s powerful pre-workout formula are fully disclosed, so you know what you're getting in every serving! This means you can feel more confident in knowing that you’re getting the supplement support necessary to get the most out of every workout!