MIIXR Electronic Shaker Bottle // 600ml

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The Shaker bottle is a thing of the past. 

PROMiXX have revolutionised the protein shaker bottle with their vortex mixing technology. 

The MiiXR Series, is here. Trusted by 500,000 users Worldwide and endorsed by hundreds of elite athletes, PROMiXX is the only blender / mixer bottle that matters. 

A household health and fitness brand, PROMiXX is the usb mixer of choice for anyone who takes their gym life and supplements seriously. 

The MiiXR PRO is the most advanced mixer bottle in the world. and comes complete with a super-convenient, super-sexy, fully integrated NUTRiPOD for supplement / powder storage, now with through-flow technology to allow for drinking while the NUTRiPOD is nestled safely inside your PROMiXX.

MiiXR PRO has a powerful, rechargeable motor and comes with a micro-USB cable. 

Perfect for;


Protein powders


Vegan / plant proteins

Creatine / BCAA / PreWorkout 

And other supplements, the MiiXR PRO is also a handy kitchen appliance, suitable for whipping up;



Baby formula

Scrambled eggs

Fluffy pancake batter



Cold coffee

and much more! 

Your MiiXR PRO is made with industry-leading food-grade materials that are both impact and odour-resistant while being 100% BPA and DEHP-free. 

Your Protein Shaker Bottle has Evolved! Again. 

The portable mixer from PROMiXX is the best shaker bottle on the planet, and will mix your protein shakes to a smooth consistency at the touch of a button. The blunt x-blade is designed to preserve micronutrient integrity, so if you’re looking to get a protein shaker online, then look no further than the MiiXR PRO, no more shaking, more lumps, no more leaks.