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Our goal with The Brain Doctor was to create a simple and effective way to optimise our brain health and help to reduce symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, moodiness and fatigue. Brain health is arguably one of the most vital parts of our holistic health and wellness. Research has shown that when our brain is functioning optimally it can assist with mental clarity, hormone balance, immune support, energy production, stress levels and much much more. 


Optimal brain function is often taken for granted until we have a period of prolonged brain over-stimulation, which in turn can be debilitating. To help nourish and repair our brains we’ve combined a cutting-edge blend of natural plant based ingredients, because our brain is happiest and healthiest when we provide it with all the nourishment and support it needs on a regular basis, not just when it’s suffering. And let’s be real…we’re better humans when we are feeling good.








After months of research, we combined what we found to be the most effective nootropic medicinal mushrooms, herbs and adaptogens with powerful vitamins for maximum impact. Medicinal mushrooms are renowned for their mental performance and mood boosting properties. They also may help regulate the nervous system to aid with symptoms of anxiety and the dreaded brain bog.


All these nootropics are packed with antioxidants and are vital for concentration, mood and focus. To top it off we boosted this blend with Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 which may help facilitate optimal brain and body function. Collectively, they may help convert food to energy, optimise the nervous system, assist with the synthesis of important brain neurotransmitters and boost energy production. So not only may all these ingredients boost our brain health, mood and productivity, but our overall immune health, organ function and wellbeing too. It’s time to live your best, most productive life with optimal energy, mental clarity and good vibes only. Think of The Brain Doctor as ultimate brain power in each sachet.








Lion's Mane Extract




Huperzine A




Bacopa Monnieri


Cat's Claw (uncaria tomentosa)


Rhodiola Rosea


Ginkgo Biloba


Coffee Fruit Extract


Vitamin Blend 


Vitamin B6 


Vitamin B9


Vitamin B12 




Natural Flavours & Sweeteners




Natural Flavours 


Stevia Leaf