Light Pro Resistance Band

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Light PRO Resistance Band – Pink


Rappd Light PRO Resistance Band is mostly suited for rehabilitation exercises, stretching and toning the muscles.


Resistance bands will assist you with your training and are highly versatile, allowing you to workout your upper and lower body, giving you a full body workout.


Resistance rating 15-35lbs | 7-16K



1. Support and aid rehabilitation


Resistance bands, namely, light therapy resistance bands, are commonly used for rehabilitation and stretching exercises.


If you have or are currently suffering from an injury, particularly shoulder, hip and knee injuries, resistance bands can be used as a warm-up to help activate specific muscle groups, as a cool down, or to increase the intensity of a workout as you build strength.


Resistance bands do not load the spine or joints with excessive weight (unlike heavyweights) you can benefit from a manageable and supportive level of resistance to help strengthen specific muscles groups, such as but not limited to, the glutes, calves, shoulders, back and biceps.


2. Versatile and adaptable


Light Pro Band is highly versatile. With a variety of different resistance bands to choose from, also comes a variety of different exercises which can be performed.


Depending on the type of resistance band, you can perform glute, quad, calf, shoulders and arm exercises at differing levels of intensities.


This means you can focus on one or multiple muscle groups with a resistance band but also increase the strength of the band as you progress through your training.


If you do not want to buy lots of different kinds you can also simply hold the band tighter, this will give you more resistance! When buying them online, they also normally come in a pack which has different weights. This means you have the progression already there!


3. Portable


Resistance bands are small, portable pieces of equipment that can be taken anywhere. They are also lightweight in nature so can easily be taken on the go with you unlike hand weights or machines which restricts you to a fixed location.


Resistance bands are particularly beneficial for people who travel frequently, commute to and from work, do not have access to a gym or are time limited. 


Whilst resistance bands come in all shapes, lengths, widths, and strengths there are numerous resistance band benefits that could take your training or rehabilitation to the next level.