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Unconventional Herbal Pre-Workout 

I work out almost daily and I’m always looking for the edge.

As a kid, I was extremely weak and scrawny. There’s a time when I couldn’t do a pushup. Then about ten years I found out about real, functional training.

Since that time, I’ve done all manners of bodyweight training, kettlebells, and heavy lifting. I’m known as a strongman for my many feats of strength and endurance, including pulling a fire truck by my hair, supporting half a ton in a wrestler’s bridge, doing 300 snatches in 10 minutes with a 53 lb. kettlebell and much more.

And I’m just getting started. Over the past year, I’ve been testing and using a natural pre-workout formula that has been a big aid in my training. This is something that is very different from what is out there…

Tons of people have reported great workout results using some of our herbs like Ant and Phoenix. But I wanted something that could fully make you feel powerful. I wanted something that made you feel like HERCULES.

After much testing and tweaking, we’re happy to announce it is here!

What’s Inside Hercules Formula?

ant-liftingI had already been using Polyrhachis Ant Extract as a pre-workout supplement for some time. This tonic herb from China has a great reputation for providing instant energy and being potent for bedroom performance health.*

It has absorbable ATP to directly fuel your cells. It is known as a greater Qi tonic than even the much better-known ginseng. As the top qi herb, ant delivers usable energy for your workout.*
For training you also want a Yang Jing herb to help deliver that driving force. Enter Cistanche.** This herb is sometimes called “cistanche in your pants” of “the stalk enlarger” as it is said to not only increase performance in the bed but even size.*

As discussed with top herbalists the yang energy needed for intercourse is the same as for working out. Thus, a top yang jing herb like cistanche is crucial for this blend.
maralrootThe next part was to include a yin jing herb, something that would support the body in recovery after the workout was over. I choose Maral Root. Although few people in the west are aware of this herb it has a fairly extensive history in Russia and the surrounding areas.

It was even prescribed to Russian athletes to help recover from hard workouts. It also contains novel plant steroids said to help build lean muscle mass, increase work capacity, as well as a host of other benefits.* This one herb is a great “workout formula” by itself, but added to this blend you get even more.
rhodiolaFrom there we added two more ingredients that would add endurance and work capacity. Rhodiola** is known as the primary adaptogen of Russian research, where the term was invented to reference this root first and foremost.

Rhodiola has strong effects on the symptoms of stress-induced fatigue and thus recovery from both physical and mental work.* This was shown via cortisol (the stress hormone) measurement in the saliva.

Cordyceps_SinensisIn Tibet, and now being backed up by modern research, Cordyceps** are considered a remedy for weakness and fatigue, and are used as an overall rejuvenator for increased energy.*

It is used in the region to help offset the effects of altitude sickness and improve oxygen capacity.* This effect is what makes it attractive to athletes.

Finally, there is one last herbal ingredient. Shilajit is known as “The Destroyer of Weakness” and “The Conqueror of Mountains”. What more do you need to know after hearing those names?

Unprocessed Shilajit RocksShilajit contains 85 minerals. Without an adequate supply of minerals your body cannot function optimally. Further shilajit appears to work directly on the mitochondria in your cells, helping these powerhouses to produce more energy.*

The other main benefit of shilajit is that it acts as a potentiator. Anything taken with it, including the other herbs in this formula, are better delivered and assimilated in your body, thus becoming more powerful.

Take 15 Minutes Before Your Workout and Feel the POWER

This blend is a mix of herbs and a mineral. This does contain 6.25% or less non-GMO corn maltodextrin from some of the herbal extracts inside, necessary to turn liquid to powder.

No fake colors, no added flavors. For this reason, it doesn’t taste great, but then powerful herbs seldom do. In fact, I’ll be honest with you, it’s pretty bad. That’s what happens with powerful herbs and no sweeteners.

Just mix 1 teaspoon up to 1 tablespoon into a glass of water and down it quickly.

Not only will Hercules Pre-Workout Formula help your workouts but you’ll likely discover lots of side effects…beneficial ones. These herbs increase antioxidant capabilities, help with performance in the bed in many ways, modulate the immune system, and so much more.

Only take before your workouts, not on off or rest days.