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L-Glutamine 750

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L-Glutamine 750 is a high-strength L-Glutamine supplement. L-Glutamine is the naturally occurring form of the amino acid Glutamine. The names L-Glutamine and Glutamine are often used interchangeably.

L-Glutamine is necessary for maintaining the intestinal mucosa where it helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining and supports normal gut barrier function and permeability.

L-Glutamine is stored in skeletal muscles. Supplementation with L-Glutamine helps to preserve muscle levels after exercise.

L-Glutamine helps maintain healthy muscle function.

L-Glutamine is an antioxidant and an important component of the antioxidant glutathione.

L-Glutamine helps maintain normal wound healing.

L-Glutamine helps to maintain healthy immune and nervous system functions.

L-Glutamine is an important energy source for many tissues in the body.

Physical and metabolic stress increases the body's utilisation and demand for L-Glutamine hence L-Glutamine may be beneficial during periods of increased physical stress.