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Rhodiolife Rhodiola Rosea // Caramel Flav

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Why Reduce Stress?

High amounts of stress can be the underlying issue to many factors such as lack of sleep, low motivation, forgetfulness and brain fog coming in the way of reaching your true potential . By finding ways to minimise and control stress, you're one step closer to becoming the best you!

Rhodiola Rosea 60g - Caramel


Rhodiola rosea combines the highest quality, fully-tested Rhodiolife® with delicious natural caramel flavour Allergen-Free, Vegan-Friendly & Non-GMO. Great for controlling stress and cortisol levels, Rhodiola rosea will leave you feeling more in control and ready to dominate!


The Head Honcho Supplement Rhodiola Difference


  • Fully tested raw materials (We'll even show you documents on request)
  • Manufactured and packed within an Australian GMP certified facility
  • Formulating products backed by scientific literature
  • All natural, high-quality branded ingredients also backed with literature
  • 40 day guide on how to use Rhodiola Rosea for full benefits
  • FREE gift on purchase
  • FREE shipping Australia-Wide
  • GMO Free, Allergen Free and Vegan Friendly