Ghost Legend V1 // Pre-Workout

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Ghost Legend offers a synergistic combination of ingredients designed to take your workouts to the next level. Each serve is jam-packed with citrulline and agmatine, two amino acids that support the production of nitric oxide. These amino acids provide the building blocks and the builders for this powerful gas produced within the blood vessels.


Nitric Oxide is a messenger that tells the smooth muscles of the blood vessels to relax, causing dilation. This increases blood circulation to muscle tissue and along with it the delivery of nutrients, such as oxygen, glucose and amino acids, to muscle tissue for enhanced performance.


Ghost Pre-Workout Nutrition

ghost logoGhost Legend contains beta-alanine to support the synthesis of Carnosine, which buffers lactic acid and delivers an antioxidant effect in muscle. During aerobic exercise, or high repetition weight training, oxygen delivery to the muscle is unable to keep up with demand. This leads to the accumulation of lactic acid and a burning sensation.


Carnosine may help to buffer this acid, supporting increased performance. In addition, Ghost Pre-Workout contains a rare nutrient called NADH, an important cofactor for the citric acid or kreb’s cycle. This cycle is important for energy (ATP) synthesis. Without it we would not survive! It is believed that levels of NADH can be limited, thus reducing energy production.

ghost legend pre-workout

At only 5 calories per serve, this Ghost Pre-Workout provides energy without giving you more calories to burn off. On top of this, Oleuropein, an extract of olives, may enhance testosterone levels and reduce cortisol. Rhodiola rosea, the Russian adaptogenic herb, is included to support adaptation to physical and mental stressors, like intense exercise!


With the inclusion of caffeine at 202mg per serve, this pre-workout is loaded with nutrients and herbal extracts to provide your mind and body with optimal support for intense training. And these interesting flavours taste absolutely amazing, especially sour watermelon!


How to Use Ghost Legend

Add 1 scoop (12g) to 300ml water and consume 20-30 minutes before exercise. To assess caffeine tolerance, please start on 1/2 scoop, and avoid taking in the late afternoon, evening or night.