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Known as Super Carnitine †

Maximal Sweat Catalyst †

Supports Fat Burning & Thermogenesis † 

Support Breakdown of Fatty Acids †

Supports Nitric Oxide production for improved blood flow †

Warning GBB is not your average fat burner. It’s stim-free fire in a bottle. If you want to maximize sweating and thermogenesis, then drop a capsule and get ready for the heat. †

Commonly referred to as “super carnitine,” GBB (gamma-butyrobetaine) is a carnitine precursor known to significantly increase carnitine levels in humans. Carnitine Supports greater fat burning, and anecdotally produces an intense thermogenic sensation. GBB is a sweat amplifier that causes exothermic heat production. GBB also supports greater utilization and storage of carnitine, aiding the body’s natural ability to mobilize and burn fatty acids for energy. †

GBB can be stacked with many standalone fat burning ingredients, thermogenics and pre-workouts. Try it along with UNBOUND Grains of Paradise for the ultimate shredding experience. †