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Executioner // High Stim Pre

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400mg caffeine anhydrous


Intense energy, motivation, and aggression


Increased nitric oxide production


Heightened mood, focus and alertness


Greater stamina and endurance


Powerful mind-muscle connection


Enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery


Reduced fatigue


Increased strength and power


Strong, powerful muscle pumps




Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) — powerful CNS stimulant that supplies raw, intense energy, focus, and aggression


Beta-Alanine (2500mg) — enhances muscle carnosine stores to increase H+ buffering and boost endurance while reducing onset of fatigue


Eria Jarensis (250mg) — euphoria-inducing stimulant that provides sustained energy and mood enhancement


S7 (50mg) — According to Futurecueticals S7 can increase Nitric Oxide by 230%!