Eclipse // Male Performance Optimisation

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Day One Performance's Clinicly Dosed Male Hormone Support

Eclipse for Men is a male hormone support supplement containing 11 clinically dosed adaptogens and herbal extracts designed to support the nutrient needs of active men. Each serve provides efficacious doses of tried and true ingredients to support natural testosterone production, lower estrogen and cortisol and support other key processes such as protein synthesis to promote superior recovery and results.

  • Improves Wellbeing
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Increases Recovery Rate
  • Reduces Cortisol Levals
  • Supercharge Male Vitality
  • Improves Muscle Recovery
  • Boosts Testosterone
  • Optimises Hormone Balance
  • Levels Up Perfomance & Strength

To ensure this product works to it's best possibilites Day One Performance have made sure they added the best ingrediants and at a clinical dose, such as:

Tongkat Ali (400mg) - Tongkat ali is said to raise testosterone levels, promote muscle strength, and address a number of conditions such as erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, fatigue, and stress.

KSM-66 (300mg) - Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, winter cherry, and Indian ginseng, is a shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and areas of Africa. Research has shown that Ashwagandha can help normalize cortisol levels, thus reducing the stress response. In addition, it has also been associated with reduced inflammation, improved memory, improved immune function & anti-ageing properties.

Fenugreek (400mg) - Contains many essential amino acids important for the synthesis, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue, it has also shown to increase the synthesis of energy reserves in the muscle (glucose), providing more energy, greater strength and endurance during exercise.

Laxogenin (100mg) - Laxogenin is a powerful substance and is not comparable to other muscle-building supplements, mainly because it’s more potent. Using it is going to cause positive changes in body composition.

Plus many more ingrediants put together to deliver results!