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DISORDER Pre workout // High stim + energy

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INCREASE STRENGTH - Disorder will help deliver nutrients to your muscles, which will increase strength and power so you can build more lean muscle mass.
CRAZY PUMPS - Achieve roadmap vascularity with significant increases to nitric oxide production. You'll also achieve long-term muscle growth as you stretch the muscle fascia with increased blood flow.
IMPROVE ENDURANCE - You don't want to get to the gym only to perform to half of your potential! DISORDER will give you the extra stamina to keep pushing through each rep for maximal gains.
EXTREME ENERGY - Disorder has a powerful blend of compounds which will get you to the highest level of motivation and determination you will ever experience.
RAZOR-SHARP FOCUS - Stay in the zone when you are at the gym. DISORDER will help you concentrate on your workout for the best possible mind muscle connection.