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Bromelain Forte // Anti-Inflammatory

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A vegetarian-friendly formula from Herbs of Gold, Bromelain Forte provides high bromelain activity that is thought to aid the digestion of proteins, as well as providing anti-inflammatory properties. 

The name bromelain may not be one that you are familiar with, but you will be aware of where it comes from. A proteolytic enzyme derived from pineapple, bromelain may offer additional benefits such as helping with the management and symptomatic relief of sinusitis, assistance in the management of soft tissue trauma, and assisting in reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling associated with soft tissue injury. 

A soft tissue injury is an injury involving damage to ligaments, muscle, or tendons in the body, often resulting from a sprain or strain. These injuries can also result from overuse of a singular part of the body, or from a singular blow that results in a contusion which in turn causes a soft tissue injury. 

Inflammation of muscles or tendons in the legs or arms can make various day to day tasks difficult if not impossible, and be a cause for regular pain and discomfort. This formula from Herbs of Gold seeks to relieve these symptoms.