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Brain Gains BLACK EDITION is all of the glory of standard edition Brain Gains, but stacked up with generous additions of 200mg PurCaf (a non-GMO green coffee bean caffeine extract), 150mg Dynamine, and additional 50mg of TeaCrine. Providing a smooth but HIGHLY stimulatory stack. 

Per 2 scoops(13g) of Brain Gains BLACK EDITION:

The Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin C (250mg), Vitamin B3 (20mg), Vitamin B6 (10mg), Vitamin B2  (4mg), Vitamin B12 (1.5ug), Zinc (30mg).
Nootropics, Botanicals & Mushroom Extracts:  L-Tyrosine (2g), Taurine (1.5g),  N-Acetyl L-Carnitine  (1.5g), Electrolyte Blend (1g), AlphaSize Alpha-GPC (800mg), Ashwaganda KSM-66 (600mg), Lion’s Mane (600mg), Panax Ginseng Extract (400mg), Ginsenoside (16mg), Bacoppa Monnieri - Whole plant extract standardised to 55% Bacosides (300mg), SerenAid Phosphatidylserine (250mg), L-Theanine (200mg), PurCaf (200mg), Teacrine (150mg), Dynamine (150mg).
Includes: Sucralose as a sweetener, colours and flavouring.

40 scoops per tub.
FOUR Flavours.... which will you choose?

CaveCrew Recommendations for Usage

As with the Standard Edition Brain Gains, the nootropic dosages are quite generous, and it is for this reason that the Cave Team would recommend using only one scoop at a time. Best enjoyed with ~350ml water + ice. This formula does come with a notable stack of PurCaf Caffeine and Dynamine which should be quite stimulating, so best taken at least 6 hours away from bed time.

On the One or Two scoops:
While for the standard edition we generally discourage two scoops, from experience, the second scoop seems to provide minimal value. However with BLACK EDITION the target is a more stimulated focus, which could quite potentially have more returned gains when dosing the second scoop. The stimulants present will also make the abundance of other supporting ingredients more useful aswell.
So in the case of BLACK EDITION, I expect supplementing with a second scoop a few hour after the first could provide value. 
***Of course, currently this insight is all theoretical, extrapolating the performance of the standard edition factoring for the change in formulation. Like you guys we are eagerly awaiting for it to arrive in stock, and will update this section after testing out the product thoroughly.***
And as per usual, remember that you are a unique human being, with any supplement we recommend you experiment to find your own personal sweet spot dosage and go with that!

Want to try-before-you-buy? We're always happy to send a sample out with any order, so just leave a comment in your order notes and we'll sling one in for you! 

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