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Stimulate Testosterone Actions

Testobol contains the natural extracts of Tectona Grandis (Teak oil extract) that would intend to simulate the actions of testosterone. It also helps to increase the free testosterone levels.

Key Points

  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Increases free testosterone levels
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Improves libido
  • Has no activity at the oestrogen receptor

Testobol is a test boosting supplement which showcases studies of the active component mimicking testosterone with no activity on Oestrogen receptor. It also helps to improve strength and mass and enhance the athletic performance. It may also help to improve the libido.

A nature identical compound, isolated extract of the essential oil from Tectona grandis; a member of the mint family reaching heights of 30 metres tall. The leaves of the plant have a long history in herbal medicine among tribes of the Amazon. Screening of the hydroalcoholic extract of Tectona Grandis leaf demonstrates potent wound healing activity. It has been reported that Tectona Grandis has anti-ulcer, leishmanicidal, nitric oxide scavenging activities. 

The resinous extract of the plant contains a number of anthraquinone compounds. Like all essential oils, some of the compounds in teak have oestrogenic activity. However, unlike essential oils such as lemon tea-tree which contain oestrogenic chemicals, teak contains compounds which are androgenic.

Reports describe a sawmill Panama where ecologists identified overly aggressive and masculinised rodents predated on by larger, usually more aggressive species. At first it was not obvious as to what the cause for the imbalance in predator/prey interaction was and initially endocrine disruption was not considered because there were no known androgenic endocrine disruptors. An investigation into the cause of the imbalance discovered that run off from a local sawmill polluted the local feeding grounds of the rodents (and other species) with androgenic anthraquinones(teak) from saw dust in effect supplementing the prey species with androgen receptor modulators.

The androgen receptor transcriptional potential of teak has been shown to have in-vito activity equal to testosterone. Because teak does not contain any structural similarity to testosterone, no competitive down regulation of testosterone is expected. Likewise, it has no structural similarity to any of the current selective androgen receptor mediators (SARM).

Teak has no activity at the oestrogen receptor.

Research Evidence & Efficacy.

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