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Viron by Black Lion Research


In search of the next big thing when it comes to supplements? It's time to get Abnormally Anabolic!


Experience a true testosterone rush with Viron by Black Lion Research!


Viron is the perfect product to stack with your anabolics to help keep your natural testosterone production up or to take during your PCT to help boost your testosterone production and help lower your cortisol levels.


What does this all mean for you? More GAINZ and longer lasting GAINZ!


Keeping your Testosterone production up during your cycle will help prevent feeling lethargic and will make it easier to boost your levels back to normal during PCT. 


Taking Viron during PCT will help you keep more of your gains by aiding in boosting your Testosterone levels back up as quickly as possible while decreasing cortisol production which will help prevent fat increases and muscle breakdown.


Make sure to stack Viron with Formeron for the most complete PCT!


What are Benefits of taking Viron by Black Lion Research?

-May Help Boost Testoserone*


-May Help Increase Luteinizing Hormone*


-May Help Increase Free Testoserone*


-May Help Decreases Cortisol*


-May Help Decreases Estrogen*


-May Help Increase Muscle Mass*


-May Help Increase Sexual Performance*


-May Help Increase DHT*


-May Help Decrease Inflammation*


-May Improve Joints*


-May Strengthen Bones*



What are the key ingredients in Viron?


Tongkat Ali Root (Eurycoma Longifolia) - is recognized as an ergogenic aid that enhances the body’s adaptive response to exercise. Studies have shown that supplementation of Tongkat Ali with a weight training program caused an increase in lean body mass and a loss of fat tissue. Tongkat Ali is thought to achieve this effect by causing an increase in the body’s levels of testosterone. With increased testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali may also be beneficial as a libido-enhancer or general sexual aid.

Boron Citrate: Boron is a natural trace mineral that many people are deficient in. Boron has the potential to increase your FREE testosterone to levels high enough to create an abnormally anabolic environment. Even if your total testosterone levels are in normal ranges if your free test is very high it will be similar to total test being super high as its the free portion that really matters.




Who is Viron good for? 

Those on natural supplement cycles to keep test levels up and for the huge increase in free testosterone. Also just for the added health benefits of both Eurycoma Longifolia and Boron Citrate.

Viron is also good for off cycle for increased test levels and to keep SHBG low. Lots of guys like to take Eurycoma Longifolia year round for its mood and libido enhancing properties and many people are boron deficient.


Viron is especially good for PCT. You could run the Viron and Formeron for PCT with no other additions. When entering the Post Cycle phase your system is a mess. Aside from the obvious benefit in PCT of raising test and free test Eurycoma Longifolia acts like a SERM. In addition you get reduced inflammation and improved lipid profile (lipids are normally extremely bad after any oral or prohormone). Furthermore you will benefit from the reduction in cortisol and general mood improvement everyone needs during PCT.


Results may vary from person to person