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REBIRTH // Estro Control

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Prevent post cycle Pains without sacrificing your Gains!

When you finish an anabolic cycle your goal is to maintain your results, but you could easily be overlooking one of the most important steps to accomplishing that! Getting your estrogen levels back to normal!

Rebirth is NOT an estrogen blocker, it’s more like an estrogen bodyguard, it lets the the good estrogen in, and the bad gets left behind.

This accelerates your rate of recovery after a cycle, which can take months if a product like Rebirth is not used. In fact, not using a product like Rebirth can lead to the loss of gains and Gyno!

Keep Your Physique Rock Hard & Chiseled with Rebirth! Get it Now!

Key Benefits of Adding Rebirth to Your PCT:

  • Selectively Blocks Estrogen
  • Allows for Proper PCT Recovery
  • Prevents Estrogen from Binding to Receptor Sites
  • Prevents Gyno!

What are the Key Ingredients in Rebirth?

Ellagic Acid: a plant-derived polyphenol, possessing antioxidant properties. Ellagic Acid is said to have influence on the activity of the estrogen receptors. Ellagic Acid binds to receptor sites which often cause gyno and may help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

E Cottioni: a polyphenol rich, heart-healthy, and cancer fighting edible red seaweed extract that has been shown to suppress breast tumor growth. Recent studies have shown this ingredient was able to outperform Tamoxifen while not showing any signs of liver or kidney toxicity.

Keep Your Physique Rock Hard & Chiseled with Rebirth! Get it Now!