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FORSKOLIN // Non-Stim Fat burner

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60% Forskolin extracted from the colheus forskolii plant has multiple benefits for those looking to build muscle, lose fat and improve performance. Forskolin is an exceptional fat burner.

Most companies use low grade low percentage extracts. We use a 60% extract that delivers high doses of forskolin while still retaining the additional properties of the whole plant.


Forskolin is a diterpene that works great for fat loss, improving blood flow and helping muscles grow. It can also work as a nootropic that works by increasing cAMP and upregulating D2 receptors. In turn this can help with energy, depression, anhedonia and PTST among other things. This extract is perfectly balanced so you get all the benefits of Forskolin but you also get the many benefits of the cohleus plant. After lots of testing we found 60% to be the best ratio of forskolin.