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FOLLIDRONE // Epicatechin Muscle Builder

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Follidrone is the strongest natural muscle builder available

Have you ever been to the gym and noticed that certain people are just cut from a different cloth? Like they where only created to have big muscles! Then you realise that your genetics are just not the same as those who dominate in the gym. Everyone dreams of ruling the gym but only a few have the genetic make up to be in that position. 

It's time to break through your genetic limitations and build a body that can rule the gym. Black Lion Research has the perfect product that will have your peers asking for your workouts, diet and supplementation!

How can you achieve these exciting results?

Follidrone the King of Natural Anabolics! Black Lion Research has created this performance enhancing product that will change the way you look at supplements. It will change the results you obtain, change the way you feel and change your physique! 

How does Follidrone help you achieve these results?

Follidrone's secret is that it increases Follistatin levels. Follistatin is an antagonist to Myostatin, which promotes muscle growth.

Myostatin is a natural growth factor protein that exists in your body and works to limit your muscle growth in a genetically predetermined manor. Thus myostatin limits your muscle genetics! Follidrone works to decrease Myostatin and break the genetic barrier!

Increasing Follistatin leads to massive strength gains and extended endurance. More strength and endurance leads to higher reps, an ability to push more weights and quicker recovery times. All of this equates to bigger gains and a dramatically different physique! 

What are the benefits of Follidrone?

  • Helps Increase Strength
  • Helps add Massive Mass Gains
  • Boost Energy and Endurance
  • Improved Recovery Times
  • Helps Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Does not affect your natural hormone production
  • Helps Reduce Body Fat

Results may vary from person to person