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Beet Juice Powder // Nitric Oxide Booster

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Beet Juice Powder – The King of Nitric Oxide, Blood Boosting, Detoxification and More*

These are a potent vegetable that many people are aware of some of the health benefits of. But how often do you eat them? Even otherwise healthy people like myself probably find the answer is not much…

Sure, you may occasionally have some beet juice, some roasted beets as a side, or beet borscht but how often is that really? Hopefully you’ve tried fermented beet kvass once in your life…but most people probably haven’t even heard of that.

When you read about all the benefits beets can bring, as you’ll find below, you’ll find out why you want to eat these for more regularly. While we completely encourage you to do so, the fact is that you may still find you’re not getting enough.

And that’s where our great tasting, 100% organic, cold-processed beet juice powder comes in.

Beet Root and Juice

Beets and Nitric Oxide

One of beets most popular benefits comes from the dietary nitrates it provides.

Nitrates were thought to be inert substances; however, it has been discovered that the human body, actually the bacteria we house in our microbiome specifically, enzymatically transform these to form nitric oxide or NO.

Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway

What does this mean for you? NO is necessary for proper blood flow and functioning. Most notably:

  • NO is important for healthy heart function.*
  • NO is important for supporting athletic function and workouts, increasing recovery, decreasing fatigue, and providing better energy.*
  • NO is important for erectile function.*
  • NO is important for brain function.*

Yes, nitric oxide is important for both the things that guys think with