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Apigenin 98% // Anti-Aging, Sleep Support & Muscle Builder

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60 Capsules per bottle, 1 - 4 capsules per serve. Every capsule includes:

  • Apigenin 98% (300mg)

A common natural flavanoid, Apigenin is found in numerous commonplace plants including Chamomile, Parsley and Celery. Demonstrating a diverse array of benefits, Apigenin is truly one of the "all-life" compounds valuable to simply living well - influencing GABA synthesis pathways for better sleep and stress management, Prmt7 regulation for improved muscle building, and also CD38 inhibition to free up more NAD+ for antiaging sirtuin function and decrease CD38 related inflammation.

Apigenin is popular for:

  • Increasing GABA synthesis for Sleep and Stress;
  • Prmt7 upregulation for Muscle Building; 
  • CD38 inhibition for Anti-inflammatory and  Antiaging.


As a dietary supplement, take ONE to FOUR capsules. Due to calming effects, most users prefer use prior to bed for decreased time to sleep. For most use, ONE capsule is suitable due to the high dosing.