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Antarctic Krill Oil

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Krill Oil Superba2


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A premium form of sustainable Krill Oil made with Superba 2® and sustainably sourced from the pristine Antarctic Ocean. These Omega-3 Fatty Acids are considered to be more bioavailable, as they are bound to naturally occurring phospholipids, thus allowing for better absorption.*



We believe in using the best ingredients so you can have total peace of mind about the supplements you are taking.


Sustainably Sourced



Made with Non-GMO Ingredients





500 MCG



240 MG



400 MG



per serving

Sports Research Krill Oil is IKOS 5-Star Certified and rich in phospholipids plus Astaxanthin.


When to Use

Take 1-2 Liquid Softgels daily with food or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.