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Organic Peruvian Maca

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Maca is a root vegetable that’s a distant cousin of the radish family. It’s grown in the mountains of Peru and Bolivia. Maca’shealth benefits have long been valued by indigenous cultures.

  • Enjoy Natures Energy Boost

  • Supports Stress Management

  • Great For Immunity, Energy & Mood

  • Nurture a healthier you with added calcium and magnesium

  • Boost your vitality with essential vitamins and minerals

  • Enjoy natural antioxidants


Blend it: Simply mix 1 serve of maca with your choice of milk or water, add your favourite fruit or veggies and blend to make a super-nutritious smoothie.

Bake it: Use it to when baking to create amazing superfood snacks, we’ve got hundreds of recipes online to show you how.

Mix it:Add more nutrition to your breakfast bowl as maca is a fantastic superfood most recognised to support stress reduction, stamina, focus.