Killer Labs DESTROYER Pre-Workout

Killer Labs DESTROYER Pre-Workout


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Destroyer Highlights


  •  3g of pure L-Citrulline for increased nitric oxide production
  •  6g of Beta-alanine for added endurance and fatigue resistance
  •  1g of GlycerPump for improved hydration and cell volumizing
  •  Choline + Huperzine for heightened focus and stronger muscle contraction
  •  350mg caffeine anhydrous
  •  Intense energy, motivation, and aggression
  •  Increased nitric oxide production
  •  Heightened mood, focus and alertness
  •  Greater stamina and endurance
  •  Powerful mind-muscle connection
  •  Enhanced blood flow and nutrient delivery
  •  Reduced fatigue
  •  Increased strength and power
  •  Strong, powerful muscle pumps

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