InnovaPharm Precision Research Celastrus Paniculatus

InnovaPharm Precision Research Celastrus Paniculatus


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Nootropics, or cognitive enhancement products have been becoming more and more popularized in recent years for good reason; we live in a much more competitive landscape than we used to. In order to compete, you NEED the edge. Unfortunately, pharmacological solutions to mental health issues are dangerous and addictive.

Celastrus Paniculatus is often referred to in Ayurveda (Eastern Indian Medicine) as the “Intellect Tree”. Precision Research uses a one of a kind unique seed oil derived from Celastrus Paniculatus, known as INTELLECTUS ™. This specific extract contains a precise blend of constituents made up of Celastrine, Malkanguniol, Paniculatin, and other sequesterpene alkaloids which work in synergism to promote improved mood and overall cognitive function. Numerous in vivo studies show Celastrus Paniculatus to promote neuroprotection, neurogenesis, memory retention and increased intelligence, mainly by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Why Celastrus Paniculatus?

Mood Support

Natural Nootropic

Improve Mental Focus & Cognition

Sharpen Memory & Promote Intellect

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Performance Enhancing Agent

Stacks w/ All Pre-Workouts

Unique Patent Pending Extract


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