Glaxon Adrinall


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500mg Lion’s Mane + 150mg Bacopa + 100mg Rhodiola for Neuro Support & Brain Health


500mg Cholinace + 10mg Kanna for Enhanced Mood State


125mg Sustained Release Caffeine + 100mg Caffeine Anhydrous for Cognitive Focus & Energy



If you’re finding yourself dragging through your daily routine at work, at school or life in general, it’s time to give yourself a boost. Glaxon Adrinall is formulated to address your daily energy needs head on by delivering potent nootropics and energy ingredients to keep you focused and locked in all day long. No more need to use risky prescription products for enhancing your focus, this natural supplement has been formulated specifically to not only enhance energy and focus levels, but amplify ‘feel good’ state and promote long term health, neurotransmitter levels and adaptive responses in the body. Use a smarter approach to enhancing your focus with Glaxon Adrinall





High Potency Energy & Focus


Support Brain Health & Function


Potent, All-Natural Formula



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