The Four Major Fat Burning Supplement “Types”

By now we all pretty much get it, if you want to loose body fat you need to eat less and move more, the law of simple thermodynamics. Sometimes however there is a case for eating too little, you need to fire up that metabolic rate by providing enough calories to fuel “moving more” when exercising and also to ensure your body isn’t in any kind of “Survival mode” where cortisol is high and you generally stay skinny fat [...]


The Cave Intra Workout Rundown – what’s the deal, do I need an intra?

  Intra-Workout, whats the Deal? Do I need an intra or is that meme I saw about them being trash legit? There are 3 or 4 major styles of intra workout products on the market, and as much as BCAA's have been attacked lately, they remain one of the most researched and verified supplements next to Creatine. Lets take a look at the different product categories below: BCAA: Increase Muscle Growth. Decrease Muscle Soreness. Some research suggests BCAAs can help decrease muscle [...]


The Future Of Natural Anabolics – Victor Chiruta MCMA

The Future Of Natural Anabolics Victor Chiruta, MCMA What if I was about to share with you groundbreaking new research in the secret life of plants? Their hidden power. We’ve all heard about saponins and sterols. But make room for anabolic phytosteroids (APS)! Recent research published in The FASEB Journal has revealed that plants contain anabolic steroids that are biologically active in humans with absolutely no androgenic activity. A bodybuilder’s dream come true. Increase in muscle mass, performance, endurance, and protein [...]