December 10, 2021 2 min read

Coming in for Episode 2 of The (returned) Cave Supplement podcast, we (Lloyd from Aussie Cave, and Thomas representing New Zealand's Cave) talk supplementation for testosterone support, with a focus on the two herbs Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali (aka. Longjack). 

Brought to you in a casual, "here were my findings" way combined with discussion and our own anecdotal experiences, this chat was engorged with juicy information and many questions raised. We talk about balls and wood a lot, so do be warned.

While these herbs may (or may not be) news to you, they have been used as aphrodisiacs and vitality restoring folk medicines for hundred if not thousands of years in their native homes of Nigeria (Fadogia) and Malaysia (Tongkat Ali aka Longjack).Longjack has certainly done the rounds in the bodybuilding supplement world and Fadogia has made moderate appearances however since the recent Joe Rogan Podcast with Dr. Andrew Huberman Taken from JRE # 1683 there has been a renewed interest - and rightly so.

We take you though the studies and the experiences we encountered when getting to the roots and stems of these two power herbs and also covered some basic concepts around natural testosterone "boosting" and testosterone in general for men and women.

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