The Four Major Fat Burning Supplement “Types”

The Four Major Fat Burning Supplement “Types”

By now we all pretty much get it, if you want to loose body fat you need to eat less and move more, the law of simple thermodynamics. Sometimes however there is a case for eating too little, you need to fire up that metabolic rate by providing enough calories to fuel “moving more” when exercising and also to ensure your body isn’t in any kind of “Survival mode” where cortisol is high and you generally stay skinny fat because your simply eating to little to fuel muscle growth.

Then finally the last factor that is worth mentioning is that of insulin sensitivity – or rather lack thereof, due to a variety of lifestyle and diet habits we can wind up in a situation where our bodies insulin response doesn’t work so well. Instead of doing its usual job of engorging muscle with glycogen (thats good) we wind up with skew towards fat storage in lipid cells (thats bad unless you are hibernating for a winter). 

Lets talk about some of my good friends that can help.. yes thats right help, despite what you might or might not have heard about fat burners, I truly believe they can help immensely when embarking on your fat loss journey #abs. 

I have broken fat burners down into 4 categories so we can see the different styles and the types of situations they suit best – also from this you may start to see which of these can be stacked together without “clashing”.

Thermogenic / Metabolism boosters (High Stim) Various Types

  • Caffeine and other stimulants are used to boost metabolic rate
  • Thermogenic ingredients usually added to increase energy expenditure though heat
  • Appetite Suppressing 
  • Mood boosting while providing a feeling of energy (Great if your in a calorie deficit)
  • Usually High Stim Caps or Powders

Good for:

  • People who have trouble with overeating and sacking, great to take in the morning and fast until midday keeping the potential for overeating minimal.
  • Someone that could use a mood boost on a calorie restricted diet.
  • Sedentary people who are looking to kick start their metabolism and throw the “switch” (combine with diet and exercise).
  • Great to take in the morning to “burn” all day, also great before morning exercise to get you in the zone.

Not so good for:

  • People sensitive to caffeine (jitters at high doses).
  • Best not to run for longer then 8 weeks at a time or less without at least a few weeks break due to the possibility of adrenal fatigue (Jurys still out on that one) or the body building a tolerance to the effects.
Products on the is category include:

Jupiter by Chaos and Pain, ParaBurn By Blackstone Labs or Thermo By Outten Fit

Thyroid Boosters (Medium Stim) T2 & 3,3′-T2

  • No Stimulants or appetite suppressants so good for those sensitive, don’t overdose though or you will still feel “amped”, dosing as directed on the label is essential
  • Designed to boost metabolic rate through stimulation of the thyroid gland
  • Relatively safe and usually naturally derived, (Stick to an ingredient called T2 or 3,3′-T2,
    ingredients called T3 and T4 can be al little dangerous and should not be available over the counter)

Good for:

  • People that have been sedentary for a lengthy period of time, or people that are more acutely obese.
  • Individuals that feel their metabolic rate has slowed over time and they are starting to store more fat then they used to with the same amount of calories and stimulus (usually this is us underestimating subtle changes in our lifestyle however).
  • Anyone looking to kick start fat loss ti the absolute maximum potential in a short period of time

Not so good for:

  • People with a hyper active thyroid, this is usually characterised by nervousness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, excessive sweating, weight loss, and sleep problems – the exact opposite of someone that needs to lose fat and speed up their metabolism generally speaking.
  • Definitely not a supplement to over dose with either, the last thing we want is to burn the thyroid out, we just want to give it a tickle for about 4 weeks then take at least a 4 week break from this kind of supplement (esp if it contains the ingredient T2 or 3,3′-T2).
Products recommended in this Category are:

Cannibal Claw by Chaos & Pain Paraburn by Blackstone Labs and T432 Plus by ATP Science

Some further reading:

3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine (T2) in Dietary Supplements: What Are … – NCBI

Fat Mobilisers (Non Stim) Carnitine / CLA

  • Help shift fat by assisting in transporting fat for oxidisation in the cells of working muscles
  • Safe and natural can be run in high doses if needed
  • Easy to stack with other fat burning products for increased synergy
  • 1-5g per day of Carnitine is effective and 1-3 capsules of CLA per day is effective for 6 months of use
  • No stimulant effects, no notable side effects

Good for:

  • Anyone looking to amplify the amount of stored fat utilised as energy in their workouts (especially effective for long steady state cardio sessions).
  • Aging populations where natural Carnitine production in the body may be lower, also good for people suffering from fatigue or “burnout” due to life stresses.
  • Carnitine is extremely safe and has no indications for any negative impacts on all type of trainers.
  • CLA is great for up to 6 months of use as consistent reductions in fat are observed over this period.

Not so good for:

  • Excessive doses of Carnitine like those prescribed by comp prep coaches (10g-20g) can leave you smelling a but fishy or vinegary..
  • Carnitine does increase the amount of sweating experienced during workouts, personally I like it, but if you don’t like the thought of getting a little extra sweaty then maybe its not for you.
  • CLA works for up to 6 months however if you run it that long then its probably time to stop for a good year or more, after 6 months of continual use the effects seem to cease. Its also a great idea to run a GDA side by side with CLA as CLA can mildly reduce insulin sensitivity however its ability to reduce fat mass outweighs this insulin sensitivity reduction, and stacking with a GDA will more then correct the problem if you are concerned.
Our favourite Carnitine Products are:

Thermogenic Activator By Reset, Carnitrim By Blackstone Labs

Our top pick CLA is:

Sports Research CLA

Some further reading:

Blackstone Labs Glycolog 180 Capsules

Glucose Disposal Agents (Non Stim, great for Insulin Sensitivity Issues)

  • Reduce Fat storage by increasing the effect of insulin resulting in muscle glycogen storage versus adipose tissue storage
  • Are designed to help with high carb meals or (cheat days) to reduce the impact of these meals on fat storage.
  • Increase Muscle fullness when ingesting carb rich diets or meals.
  • Can result in increased muscle growth on a “bulk” (if you’re in a calorie surplus this will partition carbs into muscle thus boosting protein synthesis there).
  • I personally like to have on of these products on hand at all times to “cheat on my cheat meals”


Our Top two picks are Blackstone Labs Glycolog & Chaos & Pain Predator.


Can they Simply all be stacked together?

Well yes, you could most certainly stack fat mobilisers like Carnitine and a GDA with a stimulant based thermogenic fat burner, just go easy on the dosing with stim based fat burners as they have high levels of caffeine, always stay within manufacturers recommended dosages or better yet try a half dose first to asses tolerance. If stacking with a Thyroid boosting supplement then be sure to stick to recommended doses there too. A good stack we like to recommend for starting with is Jupiter + Thermogenic activator + Predator to hit fat reduction from three major angles.

In upcoming articles we will focus on each of these fat burner types individually, discuss ingredients to look for and explain their various mechanisms of action. Ill also always link some research for those that enjoy digging a little deeper but remember the research is not always rock solid and many times I find my own personal experiences paint a clearer picture then all the research combined.

If has helped you narrow down your preferences then feel free to browse our Fat Burner range and try one for yourself, even the act of investing in some hard earned money on a supplement for your weightless journey can be a great catalyst for an effective combined strategy to that low fat physique. We are all more then capable of getting lean so why not do it now rather than later.

Stick to the plan!

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